Traditional Persian Food and More

It’s your event, we do it your way

We will provide advice based on our experience and then let you decide how we can help.

We will also reach out, supply and manage other specialty services as you desire, to make your event, the occasion you imagine.

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We prepare the food the way it should be.

Your mother didn’t use imitation saffron flavoring, neither do we!

We take pride in our food.  We use fresh and real ingredients.  When the dish calls out for saffron,  we use genuine Persian saffron and other real spices.  Make sure you ask your food provider what they use, you can definitely taste the difference!

We know that you have choices for vendors to cater your event.  Our approach is to use the best food, the best sources, the best specialty suppliers.  When your event is a success, we know you will be back.


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